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30 Days in Linux

My review after using linux as a daily driver for 30 days - 19/02/2024


But why tho?

I’m not really new to the open source software world. Not that i am an expert on it. But i’ve spend some time on it. Mainly in class, and also on my home server that run linux (PopOS). Also i always excited about new software or new programming ‘thing’ release. Like database, framework, or runtime.

One day, i found bun and turso, bun is a new js runtime, package manager, that supposedly run ‘faster’ and ‘better’ alternative to yarn, pnpm, or npm, and turso is a free database using sqlite. But, both of those only available on linux. I mean i can use it in wsl, but when working with tauri creating desktop app, it doesn’t work somehow.

That’s my excuse i’ve always want to switch cuz it’s looks fun

Ok then i decided, fuck it, let’s switch, i mean i can get back if i doesn’t like it.


Ok, so, what’s linux distro should i use?.

I look into all kind of distros. PopOS looks clean, clean ui, clean user interface. and then Debian, stable, ubuntu. And then i found arch.


I like the way it gives the minimalistic amount of OS install. Also AUR. You can find all the application you need on AUR. Tools and app that i ussually use i can install it directly from AUR.

For GUI i use KDE, i want to use hyprland but, it have some delay when i test it on Osu! and Monster Hunter in my home server.

Also for rice i use KDE-Dots, with latte-dock. It looks so clean. I added topbar and clock widget. I don’t really like customizing my desktop but, the possibility is limitless if you like desktop personalization, forget rainmeter LOL.

The installation doesn’t take that much time. But the after install, when you install app that you need devtools and custom config does need a lot of time. Setup app that doesn’t work on linux without wine like LineChat and Whatsapp take some time.

Daily Task & Dev Works

The GUI is not that much different from windows. So daily works like college paper and quizzes doesn’t feel that different. Mainly because it’s all on browser. Paper and college works, i always use libre so, doesn’t need adjusting.

My dev works mainly consist of svelte, react, and mainly frontend stuff. But sometimes i need to run database or backend. I can run tauri with bun. I can automate and custom command bash. The cli experience is soo much better on linux. Also all apps installed can be called easily from cli, it simplify my workflow.

I’ve also made custom script in my obsidian automating obsidian git commit and push to github. I can make it using bash, idk i can make it in powershell.


Gaming is so good on linux, if not better than in windows. I know that some games doesn’t work on linux. Like, Valorant or League, both games that i often play. But other than that, all games in my steam lib work on linux. With ProtonGE it works flawlessly (with some adjustment ofc). Mainly single player game and coop game that i often play works in linux with proton.

Monster Hunter World, Code-Vein, and some of multiplayer games like Apex Legend works with proton, even Genshin Impact works on proton since 4.4 patch.


Using linux is not so different from windows. Especially if you only using it for clerical task. It’s better if you run linux. With open source update. Easy to manage app and package manager. And minimalistic OS that you can customize according to your need.